What is track and field?

 Track and field is a variety of different athletic competitions that take place on an athletic track.  Events can include individuals or teams, generally amateurs, and can be both indoor and outdoor meets.   The field events include the high jump, long jump, shot put. discus, and javelin . The track events are races including sprints, mid-distance and distance. This is a great sport for boys or girls who like to run, jump and throw.  Introducing your child to track at an early age can ensure a lifelong love for the sport.


Unlike most other sports, track is a very flexible sport so kids who start later are not missing out on crucial skill-building years because most of track is what kids do naturally, which is running, jumping and throwing.  The age, maturity of the child and their ability to follow directions will determine the events that are appropriate for them.  For instance, hurdles, long distance events and most field events are not recommended for young children but they should enjoy the 100 meter dash or long jump.


What are the governing organizations for track and field?


USA Track and Field  (USATF) is the national governing body for track and field, road running, cross country running, race-walking, and mountain/ultra/trail running in the United States. International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) - is the world governing body for track and field.


Amateur Athletic Union, (AAU) is one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer sports organizations in the US dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs.  The youngest participates are 8 and under in AAU.  The AAU Junior Olympic Games are known as the largest national multi-sport event for youth in the United States. It has become the showcase event of the AAU Sports Program.


Youth membership in AAU or USATF is not required to compete during regular season.  However, membership in USA Track & Field, is a required for an athlete to compete in the State, Regional, National Junior Olympic meets or the State and National Youth Outdoor Track & Field Championship meets.   Athletes can either compete as part of team or club or as individual or 'unattached' status.


The AAU holds Junior Olympic sport games one time each year.  For an athlete to be eligible for this event, they must qualify in a regional event.   The AAU Junior Olympics participant count is usually over 15,500 athletes in 22 different sporting events, including track and field.


The USATF, also holds Junior Olympic games. The USATF participant record is over 70,000 athletes in track and field and cross country events.


Young track and field athletes can participate in both AAU and USATF competitions. There has been some debate over which organization is 'better'; however, opinions differ and competition varies from year to year.


What is the season for track and field?


There are two seasons for track and field. The indoor season is in the winter.  The outdoor track and field season usually begins in the spring and lasts through the summer.


How long are track meets?

Track meets are very long events which will last for about 8 hours.  Therefore it is important that you take the proper track meet necessities along with you.  Meets are held on Saturday or Sunday.  Some of the larger meets like regional and national competitions are spread over two or more days. AAU & USATF sanctioned meets (begin in June) are two day (Sat. & Sun.) meets and may require travel out of state.



Sonic Boom Track Club was established by Coach Richard Herman in 1999.  The track club was started to assist local military high school athletes in securing scholarships through competitive track and field.

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